Could the new iphones wifi hit the speed of light

The concept is LI-FI. It has the same purpose as WI-FI but the connection is made via light. The typical medium of the transfer of data between your device and the internet is done using radio waves, but what if the connection can be made using the visible light spectrum? Well this is the idea, using tiny bulbs to send binary information could herald the new dawn of information transfer. Information transfer that would far far far exceed the speed capabilities of the current medium of connectivity. You could literally download a whole film in HD before you can say the name of the film, frightening. The rumour is that Apple are really making a go of this technology, potentially your iphone 7 could have this feature, we'll have to wait and see. The disruption of this technology has not been widely publicized but it's clear there is a disruptive potential. Companies are already looking into implementing the feature in homes in replacement of our current slow mechanism, (I know it doesn't feel slow, but it will do once you've experience LI-FI).

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