How Your Website Portrays Your Business

A website has become very much a must have for business owners. They range from the bog standard to the extravagant, but can business owners really measure their value? With so many external variables it’s extremely difficult to say whether or not the design and feel of a website is boosting sales or influencing decision making. Of course there are more tools than anyone knows what to do with to speculate over what’s working and what’s not but let’s just take it back to basics and consider how the average person perceives the environment around them. Unless you’re a hoarding mess craving creature you like things clean, you like things tidy. If you walk into a store with marble floors, precisely hung garments and well organised features you feel welcome, you feel like effort has been made and the company is one to be trusted. Walking into a store with clothes all over the floor, damp walls and a dodgy wiring job warrants one thing and one thing only; walking straight back out the door. What is the difference with your website? If companies around you are making an effort to look great and you’re boasting something basic, the store analogy may come into play. Customers are fickle, they are in the driving seat and they are there to be pleased at all costs. You don’t need to break the bank to get up to speed, but even if you did, the benefits could exponentially outweigh the costs. Feel free to discuss any of your plans with our web design Bolton team, they'll be happy to direct you.

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