All businesses have some kind of logo-however simple. First impressions are important and your logo should be instantly recognizable and convey the right message to your customers and potential customers. If it is no longer reflecting the values of your business or just isn’t catching the eye, then maybe it is time to think about a re design. JKT are experts at logo design and here are just some of the reasons why you should consider a logo re design.

Increased Prominence
Your logo is vital to set you apart from your competitors. Your logo is your big chance to show what you are about, and a great logo design will stand out from the crowd.

Up to Date Styling
Styles and trends change in all areas of design, and logos are no different. It is important to keep your logo fresh and appealing to your target marketplace.

Changing Ethos
If you are the new owner of a business or if the business has gone through fundamental change, then a logo re design signals a new era and a new philosophy.

First in the Memory Race
Your logo should come to mind first when a customer requires your product or service. A symbol logo with a picture or illustration rather than a text alone logo will stick in the mind much better. A re design with these facts considered will be of real benefit to your business.

Internet Friendly
The huge surge in the use of the internet has changed the way we do business. But if your logo pre-dates the internet it will fail to grab the attention of the audience. It only takes a few seconds for a visitor to remain on the page or not, and the logo or identity of the business is the first thing the eyes will scan for.

All these points demonstrate that a logo re design is a positive exercise for your business. It can help to attain greater recognition and ensure that current and new customers know you are up to date, good to deal with and striving to provide a great service.

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