A good well designed website has become a fundamental requirement for most businesses in every business sector. Our web designers will work closely with you to craft the perfect site for your business. A good website needs to be clear and easy to navigate and above all hold the attention of the visitor. These are factors that we always have in the forefront of our minds when designing a website. But no matter how great the website design, it still needs to have the ability to be found on major search engines, so all our websites are built to be as SEO friendly as possible.


We understand the need to be search engine ready. That is, your website needs to be constructed so Google can correctly index and rank it. Businesses spend in the thousands on search engine optimisation to push their websites up the search rankings, we like to take the sting out of that burden by designing a website that is search engine friendly as far as on page optimisation goes.


If your website was built a while back, or even a few years ago you could have quite easily fallen victim to the ever changing nature of the web. In other words your website could be outdated. Outdated websites result in the loss of potential customers, we see it every day. An old website lacks trust, it lacks legitimacy and it doesn’t show your company in a good light. You’ll know from your own surfing of the web you’re naturally more responsive with clean modern websites and so you generally spend more time there, and if this isn’t the case trust us, it is with the majority of people. We are commercially focused to change the web design landscape by helping clients to ensure their website is up to date and working to the maximum.



Web design and development are distinctive in that one makes a website look great and the other allows things to happen. For example an online shopping site would need development to allow people to buy things, a voucher code site would need development to pull the voucher codes from a database, if your users are required to login this would require development.. you get the picture! At JKT we offer the full spectrum of services from building a simple login system to a multi user platform like Netlflix.

More Web Services


Our Bolton web developers know all about ecommerce, working along side our business strategists they can develop an ecommerce site that truly targets your audience. If this is a completely new venture for you then get in touch, we want to advise you on the best options, including taking card payments and managing your store, there’s no obligation or cost, JKT design just want to point you in the right direction, and trust us this could save you a lot of money! If you already have an ecommerce site and would like to make changes, we can help you out. Get in touch with our web designers today to see what we can do for your business.


Applications are just websites that have a specific function, you'll probably know a few, Instagram, Facebook? Ring any bells, JKT agree you may not have seen any of these companies born around here, but that’s not to say they can’t be. A Bolton based web company started the biggest voucher cashback in the UK! You may of heard of it, topcashback.co.uk. Our web developers would love to get started on a rival! Maybe you want to have your own version of Netflix that you get subscribers from? Our scope is endless and we love creating new things! Get in touch with our web development team whether you’re in Bolton or even further afield.

Mobile Apps

All JKT designs websites are built to fit the screen of any device, however a mobile app can be extremely convenient for your clients. Mobile apps are becoming more and more popular with the vast increases in smartphone and tablet usage, they're easy to use and can yield big revenues especially if you’re in the business of selling your app for a fee on the app store. Our apps are built ready for both Apple store & Google Play. If you have any questions or would like a no obligation free quote then get in touch with JKT design today, we’ll put you in contact with our swift specialist to draw up your exact requirements and suggest a plan of action!

Responsive Web Design Bolton

We design responsively, ensuring your website fits screens of all shapes and sizes. So how do we do this? We code the websites in such a way that they wrap around your device. We could build you a site that would only look great on a desktop, but since mobile browsing has now overtaken desktop browsing that would be pretty useless, plus with googles mobile friendly algorithm update taking shape this year you really need to have a responsive design to maintain a good search ranking.

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We offer a complete service from the client brief with artwork/photography, print management, website design and development right through to search engine optimisation. Find out how JKT can help your business over the phone, through email or by nipping in for a coffee!

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